South Dakota Puts “In God We Trust” in Every Public School

"In God We Trust" is stenciled on a wall at South Park Elementary in Rapid City, S.D. (Adam Fondren/Rapid City Jourmal/ AP)

Todd Starns. The good people of the state of South Dakota put their trust in God – so much so – they made it the law.

Every public school in the state is now required to prominently display the motto — In God We Trust. Gov. Kristi Noem signed the law in March.

South Dakota lawmakers say the law is meant to inspire patriotism in public schools — something we could use a whole lot more of these days.

“South Dakota is right to display the National Motto throughout the state. Every circuit court to have evaluated the National Motto—‘In God We Trust’—has upheld the phrase, noting that it is in keeping with the history and heritage of our country,” First Liberty Institute attorney Jeremy Dys told The Todd Starnes Radio Show. “Those who demand we scrub the phrase off our buildings, scratch it off our money, delete it from our National Anthem, or hide it from sight, deny our history.”

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