State Farm pulls campaign to give transgender books to five-year-olds

State Farm/ Facebook

Gleefully following the Walt Disney Co. off a cliff, woke insurance giant State Farm apparently laid plans to donate books that promote transgenderism to Florida schools.

The books were to have been aimed at children as young as five, a leaked internal State Farm email suggests.

In the email, the company – which supposedly exists to furnish car and other insurance – encouraged its agents in Florida to volunteer to receive books about transgenderism and donate them to local schools or public libraries by the end of April, reported The Daily Wire.

The books, “A Kids Book About Being Transgender,” “A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary,” and “A Kids Book About Being Inclusive,” are all aimed at kindergarteners and above and are obviously an attempt to subvert Florida’s new law barring sexuality lessons in the classrooms of young children.

Interestingly, State Farm recently appeared to backtrack on the internal email. In a statement, the company denied that its agents are being “asked to share with schools,” according to the Washington Examiner.

Alarmed State Farm employees leaked the internal email to the nonprofit Consumers’ Research, according to Executive Director Will Hild, who went on to tell the story on Twitter.

The Jan. 18 email, sent by Jose Soto, a State Farm corporate responsibility analyst based in Florida, stated: “This is a fantastic way to give back and an easy project that will help support the LGBTQ+ community and to make the world around us better.”

On Twitter, many users reacted to State Farm’s inappropriate activism by saying they would cancel or avoid business with the company. “Shopping 2 homes and 3 cars – scratch State Farm off the list. Spending $$$ in neutral corps or those that share my values. #StateFarmNope,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Groomer freaks,” wrote another.

The Walt Disney Co. has reaped a whirlwind of bad publicity and financial losses after gay and gay-allied employees levered the company into stating opposition to the new Florida law.



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