Students Aim to Oust LGBT ‘Pride,’ Events From Houston Campus

TFP Student Action spearheads responses to pro-homosexual, so-called "pride" events slated for the fall at Catholic campuses such as the University of St. Thomas in Houston. They hope to cut funding and cancel the events that are billed as if about diversity and inclusion. (TFP Student Action photo)

A student newspaper reported recently that Catholic University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas, is slated to host a series of pro-homosexual pride events in the fall.

Conservative Catholic students and friends of St. Thomas are reeling from the news they first read in the Celt Independent stating “a new pro-homosexual organization called ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ received funding in the amount of $1,500” for the events.

UPDATE: The University of St. Thomas spokesman Jeff Olsen told the Christian Action Network that St. Thomas is holding events to raise awareness regarding modern issues without compromising orthodoxy, with event teachings remaining in line with Catholic teachings as before. “We will not be straying from our Catholic beliefs,” he added, “St. Thomas is and will remain a Catholic University.”

The Christian Action Network looks forward to bringing more forward on this matter.

Seeking to put a stop to the events is TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie, who called the events a slap to the face of St. Thomas Aquinas’ holy memory.

“But unfortunately, with wayward priests like Fr. James Martin who preach acceptance of sin, moral boundaries are being torn down on Catholic campuses,” Ritchie said. “How sad. Now St. Thomas University is funding its own destruction.”

The TFP Student Action movement focuses on tradition, family and property with a priority to preserve morality and Biblical education on Catholic college campuses. (TFP Student Action logo)

Ritchie connected a path to destruction that starts from a liberal culture of death disguised under titles such as “diversity” and feeding on inflamed passions that stray from Catholic and Biblical teaching.

And, “causing so much harm to the family, namely pride, lust, unnatural vice, immodesty and crude vulgarity,” Ritchie said. Based on the sin of pride, the pro-homosexual movement is incompatible with Catholic education because truth and virtue cannot coexist on equal footing with error and vice.”

He is rallying like-minded individuals to the TFP Student Action website for more information. According to Ritchie, there should be no question for those dedicated to orthodoxy and the Word of God.

“Should the University of St. Thomas fund activities that favor sin, offend God, and undermine Catholic morality? Of course not,” he said.

Legitimate diversity does not include the explicit or implicit acceptance of sin or error, much less the capital sin of sodomy

John Ritchie, TFP Student Action Director

“Responding to the scandal, concerned students, alumni and faithful Catholics are urging the university to defund and cancel these activities which undermine 2,000 years of Catholic teaching.”

He is also hoping Catholics and other concerned, pro-Bible conservatives will “be polite yet firm” when contacting University of St. Thomas President Richard Ludwick, using 713/525-2160 or if emailing: online.

Ritchie concluded that the formation of the campus group “Diversity and Inclusion” is one of the most troubling aspects of the latest developments at St. Thomas.

“The university’s patron, St. Thomas Aquinas, points out that diversity is only good insofar as it reflects the various perfections of God,” Ritchie said. “Legitimate diversity does not include the explicit or implicit acceptance of sin or error, much less the capital sin of sodomy.”


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