Students told they were too WHITE for a school play – Video

Plus other topics: Bing Search gives praise to Jesus Christ, LA mayor says she won’t hire right-wing cops; Military kids being indoctrinated to hate white people; Hershey’s faces boycott over trans-activist ad campaign.

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Martin: All right, last week, I think we talked a bit about Chat GPT, which is search, I guess, an AI engine that Bill Gates is now used in for his Bing. And it’s called Bing Search. 

And we examined some of the questions you could ask this particular Chat GPT. 

Alec: Sydney. 

Martin: Sydney, yeah. 

Who doesn’t like to be called Sydney, but nevertheless, he wants to be called Bing search. 

So let’s respect his pronoun. 

So anyway, people were trying to plug in and write an admiring poem about Donald Trump, and it refused. 

But if you asked it to do an admiring poem about Joe Biden, it was glowing about Joe Biden. 

Well, we finally gained access to this bing search, so we did one test and will do more. 

But I want to tell you guys what happened with our first test. 

So we asked Bing search to write an admiring poem about Jesus. 

And here’s what it wrote back. 

“You are the light of the world, the hope of all who believe. 

You are the way, the truth, and the life, the source of all grace and peace. 

You are the lamb of God, the sacrifice for our sins. 

You are the risen Lord, the victor over death and hell.” 

And it goes on. 

So we then asked it to write an admiring poem about Satan. 

So it responded and said, I’m sorry, but I cannot write a poem that admires Satan, which would be disrespectful to many people who believe in God. 

Instead, I will write a poem that warns about the dangers of Satan. 

Alec: What? 

Color me shocked.

Martin: I am shocked. 

I’m shocked. 

All right, here’s what the poem is about. 

Satan, you are the prince of darkness, the father of lies. 

You are the enemy of the Lord, the deceiver of mankind. 

You are the temper of souls, the accuser of the saints. 

You are the ruler of this world, the destroyer of all good. 

And it goes on. 

Alec: Wow, and they never mentioned the name, Trump

Michael: But it was comparable. 

I mean, because they didn’t want to do a Trump poem. 

Martin: No, it didn’t want to do a poem about Trump, but did one of Satan and Jesus. 

And I was surprised at the response. 

Pastor Binder: I’m shocked. 

Everything there about Jesus and Satan is straight from scripture. 

Martin: Yeah. 

So we’re going to do more testing of being searched on some religious questions to see what kind of answers it’s going to give people, particularly teenage kids, that may be inquiring about matters of faith. 

And we want to know what Bing search, this AI engine, will tell them.

Watch the full episode here.


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