Sudan Sharia Infractions Net Prison for Hundreds of Christians

Women and children gather to worship at a prison in Sudan where Islamic Sharia law is cited to punish even slight infractions such as not wearing a hijab correctly and other rules applied to Christians as well as Muslims. (Barnabas Fund photo)

Christians in Crisis – Barnabas is helping fund a prison ministry in Sudan to aid Christian women who have been jailed, often with their children, for infringing strict sharia (Islamic) law.

In 2018, more than 1,200 detainees were helped, including about 150 children. Fines were paid for 49 women, enabling them to leave harsh prison life and go home.

Christian women can be put in prison simply for letting a little hair show, for sleeves that expose their wrists or for traveling on a bus without a man to accompany them. Recently a local university student was jailed for “acting against Sudan” by leading a Bible study where she welcomed young Muslim women.

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