Surgeon says he can transplant a woman’s womb into a man’s body

Dr Narendra Kaushik

While many leftists clamor for the right to be able to destroy babies in the womb, others are clamoring for men to be able to give birth to them.

Has medical science really run out of genuine illnesses to fight and cure?

Or maybe the ultimate Holy Grail is for a man to be able to have an abortion?

Working toward that apparent goal, a surgeon in India will attempt to transplant a uterus into a man who is pretending to be a woman, and to make him able to get pregnant. This will involve removing the reproductive organs from a deceased donor or a patient “transitioning” in the opposite direction and supplying theirs.

Dr. Narendra Kaushik runs a “gender reassignment” clinic in New Delhi, and says he is “very, very optimistic” he can succeed at the procedure. A womb has been implanted in a man only once before, and the recipient died from complications a few months later. Once the womb is in place, causing pregnancy would be an even bigger feat, requiring the use of IVF and a Caesarian birth since men are, obviously, not supplied by God with functioning birth canals.

“Every transgender woman wants to be as female as possible — and that includes being a mother,” Kaushik is quoted as saying in The Mirror, supporting the perception that transgenderism is about what transgender people want, with an actual child being merely a means for their own gratification.

The surgeon has not revealed a recipient or given a possible date for such surgery, but he said: “We have our plans and we are very very optimistic about this.”

Kaushik’s clinic, Olmec, is part of a booming industry in New Delhi, a city that rivals Bangkok as the sex-change capital of the world. He said around a fifth of his customers are from abroad, with many flying from the UK, where gender reassignment surgery is free from the National Health Service but involves a long wait.


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