Swedish Town Bans Prayer at Work

Sweden's flag is seen near the Stockholm Cathedral in Gamla Stan or the Old Town district of Stockholm, Sweden, long ago when there was much less ridiculous liberalism that now can not even tolerate prayer at work. (Reuters photo)

The Christian Post – A municipal council in Sweden passed a new guideline banning employees at its schools, offices and other local government buildings from praying during work hours.

The policy was passed in the Bromölla, a coastal municipality in southern Sweden, according to the regional newspaper Kristianstadsbladet. The local council is controlled by politicians belonging to the conservative Sweden Democrats Party. The policy passed last week.

“In the regulation, we have cut out everything which could be interpreted as saying that you can take time off to pray during work time,” Chairman Eric Berntsson, who also chairs the local chapter of the Sweden Democrats, told The Local.

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