Target hires a Satanist. Here’s why.

Target Hires a Satanist

The manipulation of children through a Satanist’s LGBT designs.

If you think the world is headed straight toward hell, this story will only help confirm your suspicions.

First, we discovered that The Satanic Temple is actively working to establish After School Satan Clubs in public elementary schools.

Then, during the Grammy Awards, we witnessed Sam Smith and Kim Petras perform a sickening Satanic song-and-dance routine, which bizarrely garnered a standing ovation.

Now this!

The retail giant Target has taken a shocking step by hiring a self-proclaimed Satanist to design LGBT bags and sweatshirts for children sold in their US stores and on their website.

[UPDATE: Within one hour of posting this story, Target removed the links to the Abprallen bags and sweatshirts on its website. Below are images of the Target links using WayBack Machine before they were removed.]

This self-proclaimed lover of Satan, Erik, runs a fashion design company called Abprallen in the UK.

Erik is not only a proud transgender enthusiast but an unabashed lover of Satan.

“Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love…He loves all LGBT+ people,” Erik gushes on his Instagram account.


For the past year, Erick’s Abprallen brand has worked closely with Target to create a Pride collection to attract young customers into the “wonderful” world of LGBT fun.

Here’s how he describes his excitement at being hand-picked by this major merchandising chain. Be warned, though. It’s a word salad.

“Being able to sell my stuff in Target stores is incredibly exciting, knowing that people are seeing it without (necessarily)explicitly seeking LGBT-related stuff is wonderful, and I’m especially happy at the thought that young closeted people will see it, and I hope that in some way they’ll feel a bit more comfortable in themselves, as we all deserve to feel. You can get the sweatshirt and the bags on the Target website or in stores.”

Let’s break it down.

Erik is incredibly excited that he can influence young people with “LGBT-related stuff” without them actually having to seek it out or want it.

It’s like taking your innocent kids to Target, thinking you’re shopping for ordinary goods, only to discover they’re a bulls-eye for the LGBT agenda. How fitting that they call themselves Target.

But for Target to enlist a self-avowed Satanist for this mission, well, that’s downright demonic.

But don’t expect either Target or Erik to be shamed by this revelation. No, no. Erik boldly proclaims that being called a demon is something he can handle, and he even finds the idea of being a “trans demon” quite cool.

“Being called a demon is something I can cope with,” Erik writes while adding, “and the idea of a trans demon is pretty damn cool.”

Currently, Target offers three of Erik’s Abprallen products: messenger bags emblazoned with the slogans “We Belong Everywhere” and “Too Queer for Here,” as well as a “Cure Transphobia” sweatshirt.

Who knows what other demonic Abprallen apparel Target will soon start peddling?

Erik’s collection includes buttons, pins, tote bags, jewelry, and sweatshirts with inscriptions like “Satan respects pronouns,” “Satan is hope, compassion, equality, and love,” and “Trans witches for abortion.”

It’s a smorgasbord of satanic slogans! You can read his story here.

Target Hires a Satanist
Abprallen Satanist ‘Erik’ says being a ‘trans demon is pretty damn cool’

Despite the uproar, Target remains silent, refusing to address the controversy or respond to inquiries from the Washington Examiner.

Naturally, the news of Target’s reckless decision to employ a Satanist to entice children into the LGBT lifestyle has sparked a widespread online backlash.

“I’ll avoid Target from now on because this is evil. Target isn’t a safe place for kids,” writes Mainewoman Agent 1999.

AlphaFox wrote: “Target is dead to me. Won’t be shopping there again.”

Coco writes: “Looks like @Target only wants freaks and demons shopping there. Ok then. Bye!”

But Erik seems none too bothered about the backlash. Instead, he views it as yet another moment to bask in a basketful of Pride.

“I feel like quite the celebrity,” he writes.


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