Teacher who lined up, ridiculed God-believing students is suspended

A teacher in Johnston County, NC was suspended without pay last night after lining students up based on their beliefs, teacher allegedly asked students if they supported or opposed abortion.

A North Carolina teacher was suspended and is being investigated after she reportedly physically separated students in her class based on religious beliefs, and then threatened them and derided those who said they believe in God.

The Johnston County, N.C. school district told local television news that Julia Lopp, a Spanish teacher at South Johnston High School, has been suspended with pay.

“I wouldn’t expect nothing like that it’s just weird,” said student Ethan Johnson. “I don’t know even know if teachers are allowed to talk about religion at school because no one at South does.” Johnson said he was not in the class but has friends who were.

After separating students based on their religious beliefs, Lopp then allegedly asked if they supported or opposed abortion. According to the Joco Report, she then asked students their views on gay and transgender rights.

Lopp then reportedly ridiculed verbally the students who had lined up on the side of her classroom that believed in God.

At one point, Lopp allegedly told the class that if they said anything about what she was doing, she would “not recommend them for a job or even entrance to college.”

“I don’t mind prayer in school and things like that because you pray to your own religion,” said Natasha Chancey, mother of a Johnston County middle schooler. “But for instance to be asking about God because there are so many different religions and everyone has their own beliefs, that might be saying one is better than the other.”

Lopp is suspended with pay during the investigation. She was hired as a substitute teacher with Johnston County Schools on August 12 and was later hired as a Spanish teacher at South Johnston High on August 26.

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