The Disgraceful Double Standard: Cancelling Mother’s Day but Celebrating Pride

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It’s hard to believe what I just read on The Post Millennial. The Riverview Elementary School in Snohomish, WA has had the audacity to cancel Mother’s Day while continuing to celebrate their Pride event with a drag show.

Principal Derek Larsen also announced that there will be no Moms and Maple Bars event which was scheduled for May 11, nor Dads and Doughnuts on June 8.

This is a blatant double standard that reeks of hypocrisy, and it should be absolutely infuriating!

First and foremost, I want to make it clear that there’s a long tradition of schools deciding what traditions children celebrate.

What I cannot tolerate, however, is the hypocrisy of cancelling one event in the name of “avoiding triggering students” while celebrating another event that could be potentially triggering for others.

Cancelling Mother’s Day is an insult to all the mothers out there who work tirelessly to support and care for their children.

By eliminating the recognition of the crucial role they play in our lives, this school is essentially saying that mothers are not worth celebrating.

To make matters worse, they are simultaneously promoting an event that, while celebrated by a few, may also trigger negative emotions in some students.

Why does the school administration believe that the potential emotional distress caused by Mother’s Day is more significant than the potential distress caused by the Pride event?

How can they justify this illogical and, frankly, absurd decision?

It seems to me that they are pandering to a particular group of people while completely disregarding the feelings of others.

It’s time for schools to wake up and realize that catering to the whims of a few while disregarding the majority is not the way to foster inclusivity and tolerance.

By cancelling Mother’s Day, they are demonstrating a clear lack of respect for the importance of mothers in our lives and undermining the very values they claim to uphold.

To the school administration, I ask: where is the line drawn? What other events will you cancel to avoid “triggering” students? Will Father’s Day be next? Christmas? Thanksgiving?

This slippery slope is alarming and sets a dangerous precedent for the future.


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