The little-known secrets of making Christian films

A still from the movie Chosen by JC Films

Here’s this week’s Shout Out Patriots Show: Making Christian films! The Inside Scoop from an Industry Expert

Jason Campbell of JC Films has produced more than 40 faith-based films during the past ten years. Hollywood actors such as Dean Cain and Kevin Sorbo have appeared in many of them.

In this episode of Shout Out Patriots, Jason takes us behind the scenes to understand the challenges and inner workings of producing faith-based films.

Jason gives us many filming secrets, including what to do when an actor is just plain horrible! His solution is absolutely hilarious.

But this faith-faith film director also sheds light on the challenges of distributing Christian films in a secular world that has utter disdain for the Christian message.

In full disclosure, Jason was an employee of Christian Action Network over a decade ago when he was making documentary films. He also shares his experience during those years, including the many times he walked into the camps of a well-known Muslim terrorist group with a film crew.

Take a watch or listen as Jason explains how God works miracles so Christians can watch movies their entire family can enjoy!


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