Thousands of abandoned medical records found in deceased Indiana doctor’s abortion clinics

Thousands of fetuses found in the Illinois garage of Dr. Ulrich Klopfer

Authorities first found 2,246 bone-chilling well-preserved remains of fetuses in the Illinois garage of an abortion doctor, Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, after his death.

Now, as per an announcement made by the Indiana attorney general Curtis Hill, on Friday, investigators have discovered “thousands” of abandoned records across various abortions clinics in Indiana.

Hill called Klopfer one of the most infamous abortionists in Indiana’s history. He labeled the doctor to have, “a record of deplorable conditions and violations of regulatory controls that are placed on these clinics. He certainly was problematic in life, and as it turns out, continues to present problems in his death.”

Klopfer used to operate three abortion clinics in South Bend before his license was finally suspended in 2015. South Bend is the city in Indiana that’s having so many issues under Pete Buttigieg.

Hill said that the state attorney general office’s investigation would attempt to answer many questions, including whether there were any other licensed professionals acting as accomplices who helped transfer the fetal remains across state lines to Illinois where they were found in the deceased doctor’s garage.

He affirmed that the investigation would also look into the abandoned medical records since people who used the clinics expected a high level of privacy and confidentiality.

Many people believe abortion is a terrible act and a crime against the unborn and humanity. It also does nothing for the long term psychology for the person who chooses to go this route.


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