Trans swimmer’s career at UPenn may be over … for now

Lia Thomas

University of Pennsylvania competitive swimmer Lia Thomas, who is actually a man but whom the media and his intimidated teammates insist on referring to as female, is getting into some muddy waters.

Thomas’ athletic future became unclear on Feb. 1 after USA Swimming changed its rules about testosterone, reports Contestants in women’s events must now have recorded low levels of the male hormone for three years. The rules previously required only one year of suppressing testosterone, which meant that the manly Thomas was likely to dominate the NCAA championship in Atlanta in March.

Note that contestants in women’s events don’t have to be women. That’s not in the rules.

Thomas began “transitioning” to female in May 2019, at age 22, which means he’s at only 32 months.

On the same day as the rule change, other, real-female members of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming and diving team made a statement in support of Thomas. It appeared to contest the published complaint of one anonymous team member, who said teammates are afraid of speaking out about the ridiculous situation for fear of being labeled transphobic by the media, with all the shunning and slammed doors that will mean.

“We want to express our full support for Lia in her transition,” the athletes said, in obedient chorus to the tyrannical media narrative, even as their records were all broken and wins diminished by a swimmer who is in fact a man.

“We value her as a person, teammate, and friend. The sentiments put forward by an anonymous member of our team are not representative of the feelings, values, and opinions of the entire Penn team, composed of 39 women with diverse backgrounds.”

Not as diverse as Thomas’.


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