‘Transgender’ road crossing first in Europe

The pink stands for girls, blue for boys and white for people, who do not align themselves to either sex. It is located in the Almere in the Netherlands

In one European town, activist officials with public money have made sure you can’t even cross the street anymore without becoming involved in the strange sex lives of others.

The town of Almere, in the province of Flevoland in the Netherlands, now has a pink, blue and white colored “zebra crossing,” or street crosswalk, to push and promote the concept

of transgenderism – the notion that people can choose on their own to be male, female or neither regardless of scientific reality.

The crosswalk is based on the transgender flag. The pink stands for girls, blue for boys and white for people who want to believe they are neither sex. Next to it there is also a rainbow zebra crossing dedicated to homosexuality.

Social Democrat politician Jerzy Soetekouw chided: “In Almere, everyone is free to be who they want to be. This is reinforced by the zebra crossings.”

The local council in Almere posted pictures on social media of the crossings with the caption: “On Saturday 2nd November, during the winter pride walk in Almere, the first transgender crosswalk in the world will be opened. Together with the rainbow parade, we want to underline once more that the members of the rainbow community in our city should be able to be themselves in all aspects of life.”

The new crossing has attracted both praise and criticism on social media.

One user said: “It is a joke, I thought they wanted to be treated like everyone else.”

Another: “In this case, I want a new zebra crossing for heterosexuals.”

Others saw the crossing as more positive: “If you look at some of the comments posted, this confirms why we need such a zebra crossing in Almere.”

The idea has been used in other cities around the world including Calgary, Washington, New York and Chicago.

The one in Calgary was vandalized in August this year with the word “lost” written across it.


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