Trump Caves, Betrays Voter Base on Border Wall Billions

Liberal Republican establishment leader Mitch McConnell gloated over a Trump compromise that betrays the voter base on funding for a border wall construction project, a voter base that elected majorities in Congress and seized the Whitehouse in 2016. As a further measure of insult to that voter base, Congress made sure exactly twice the funding rejected for a border wall construction project was afforded to dictatorial regimes in Central America so they can fund and send more caravans of immigration northward. Now the days of empowerment and representation for the forgotten Americans drain away. Merry Christmas, one and all. (AP photo)

AP – Legislation to avoid a partial federal shutdown threatened at week’s end and keep the government running through Feb. 8 awaited a Senate vote Wednesday after President Donald Trump backed off his demand for money for his long-promised U.S.-Mexico border wall.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the short-term spending measure was a “simple” bill that would show Republicans, who control Congress now, will finish the year by not prolonging a potential crisis.

“Republicans will continue to fill our duty to govern,” McConnell said. He also lashed out at Democrats, who will reclaim their House majority in January, for failing to give Trump any of the $5 billion that the president wanted for the wall.

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