Trump says left is trying to ‘silence and punish’ Christians

punish' Christians by Sinclair Broadcast GroupSaturday, October 12th 2019 President Donald Trump addresses the Value Voters Summit in Washington, Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019. (Image: White House / YouTube)

President Donald Trump while speaking at the Value Voters Summit in Washington lashed out at his political opponents by painting them as unscrupulously trying to “tear down” religious believers, including Christians.

Trump said, “They’re trying to silence and punish the speech of Christians and religious believers of all faiths. They are trying to hound you from the workplace, expel you from the public square and weaken the American family and indoctrinate our children.”

The Value Voters Summit is held annually by the conservative Family Research Council which advocates for Christian values and faith in public policy, and the Protestant. The council also opposes same-sex marriage, abortion and several other LGBTQ issues.

Trump rallied the audience by saying “We’re under assault” and that the Democratic left resented and disdained faithful Americans. He claimed that the country was under the threat of being shut down by them.

Democratic presidential candidate, Beto O’Rourke, on Thursday, during an LGBTQ town hall said he would put an end to tax-exempt status enjoyed by Churches if they continued opposing same-sex marriage.

Trump claimed that he would not allow the IRS or the federal government to “target, harass, or punish communities of faith.


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