Truth is, They are Hunting Children, These Homosexual Predators

Some churches still fight the fight for truth, earnestly contending for God's Holy Word regardless of consequences. How does your church measure up? (Facebook photo)

It’s the truth sign.

I don’t know what state it’s from, or when it was displayed, but does it matter? It’s the truth. The truth never changes. The truth is true everywhere.

Today we are inundated by messages to change everything, expecially about sex and sexual morals. That sexual revolution of the 1960s is doubled down again, after doubling down in the 1970s and the 1990s – ripping families and lives to shreds.

Now they are grabbing boys as young as five – FIVE!!! and telling them their interest in dolls means they are actually a girl.

They are grabbing girls with rough tomboy tendancies at tender ages of five or six, and telling them that really they are boys trapped in the wrong body.

Transgender therapists push an agenda to coerce as many and they can to agree to assigned chemical and hormone treatments that many states authorize at age eight. They are really selling it to the parents.

This is leading to chemical castration of boys before they reach puberty, and making sure pre-teen girls are incapable of ever having children, neutered of their firtility.

Several online groups are forming to fight back and reclaim children. This is mainly a rally of distraught parents.

At 4thwavenow located here ( a growing number of parents struck by the lack of common sense and actual love in dealing with gender dysphoria issues is growing.

An offshoot of that is a gathering of youth who want to support each other after being ravaged and harmed by the lies of transgender fraud, online at the Pique Resiliance Project, or PRP.

They are located here: (

They are hurting people, ravaged families, that are fighting back. They include Christians reaching out to more victims of the never-ending sexual revolution that is mainly a cartel of sexual predators seeking victims.

We need to join this battle. A call to churches that a distraut pastor friend of the Christian Action Netork cried out while at a recent Drag Queen Story Hour protest rings in my mind:

Where are God’s people? Why are Christians in their comfortable, ornate buildings while lost people are out here at a library selling their childrens souls to demonic cross-dressers reading pro-homosexual propaganda at their local library?

So asked Rich Penkoski, pastor of the online response group: Warriors for Christ.

Well? Where are God’s people?

I hope to hear from many of God’s people in response to this article. What can we do? What more can we do? What are we willing to sacrifice in this late hour as the changes we see around us seem mostly to be the moral rot of godless predators destroying families and children?


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