Protests by parents and students after prayer program shifted to after school

Students at Tylertown High School stage a massive walk out after their prayer group was moved to after school hours

Tylertown High School in Mississippi saw protests by students and parents when the First Priority program, which allows them to pray during school, was changed to be held after school hours.

After staging a massive walk-out last Wednesday, the students were seen chanting the slogan, “No First Priority or no peace!”

Justin Devonn of 12 News’ reported that the students of Tylertown want the school board to keep God as part of their school through the First Priority program since it allowed students to help each other during difficult times. 

The students believed that the changes seemed to be the doing of a faculty member. Once they realized that the program was being canceled, they immediately started protests to prevent its happening. 

“This will be my sixth year going to the high school,” said Tylertown High senior Kaitlynn Brown told WLBT3, “Well, we’ve had First Priority every year, and I just love seeing all of us come together and basically share the gospel with each other.”.

Grayson Baker claimed that it was awful for teachers to be saying they did not believe in God. Tyasia Shackleford stated that the program had been around for 15 years, where every Friday the students would congregate to praise the lord. 

The program First Priority was led and organized by students for other students. Nobody was forced into it and it was voluntary. 

Parents were seen providing chips and sandwiches to the protestors since the High School restricted school cafeteria access to only seventh and eighth-graders.


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