U.S. Intel Loses to Iran Over Monica Witt Treachery

According to the FBI, Monica Witt shared US government secrets, including the names of agents and specifics of operations, within Iran as early as January 2012, undergoing an "ideological change" away from her allegiances to the United States and her fellow service men and women. (FBI photos)

BBC News – US prosecutors accused a former US Air Force officer of spying for Iran in an elaborate operation that targeted her fellow intelligence officers. Monica Witt, who allegedly defected to Iran in 2013, previously worked as a US counterintelligence officer.

Four Iranian citizens have also been charged with attempting to install spy software on computers belonging to Witt’s colleagues. According to the FBI, Witt was last seen in southwest Asia in July 2013.

Prosecutors say Witt was granted the highest level of US security clearance and worked in the US Air Force from 1997 to 2008. The US Department of Treasury also sanctioned two Iranian companies . . . for their role in the plot.

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