Unbelieving Father of Slain Missionary Blames ‘Extreme’ Mission for Death

John Chau is memorialized for better times, and the controversy continues over his death at the hand of killer Sentinelese separatists on the island of North Sentinel under the protection of India, whether the mission agency All Nations properly prepared for any possible safe contact with the evangelically un-reached tribe. (Instagram photo montage)

The Christian Post – The father of slain American missionary John Chau blamed “extreme” Christianity for his son’s death while on a mission to evangelize an isolated and hostile tribe in the Andaman islands.

Patrick Chau, father of the 26-year-old from Washington state killed by a tribe on North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengal last November, didn’t hold back his true thoughts on his son’s death when recently asked by UK-based news outlet The Guardian.

Although Patrick Chau is like his son in the fact that they both are graduates of the charismatic evangelical Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, the father is . . . now a follower of Chinese philosopher Confucius.

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