University of Washington IT department tells vendors to dump certain words and phrases

University of Washington /

Liberals don’t ask much – just to control the words that come out of your mouth.

Imagine doing business with a university information technology department and getting this email:

“Unfortunately, in working with your product/service we have identified language that can be considered offensive due to its racist, ableist and/or sexist origins. Can you let us know what efforts you are undertaking to move away from this language so as to create a more inclusive product/service?”

The University of Washington developed this scolding language as part of its IT department’s “inclusive language guide,” which lists “problematic words” that are “racist,” “sexist,” “ageist,” or “homophobic,” according to a report by FOX News.

And should not be coming out of your mouth.

According to the guide, words such as “grandfather,” “housekeeping,” “minority,” “ninja,” and “lame” are off-limits for various ways that they offend pretty much everyone other than non-disabled white Christian males. Also disallowed are phrases using the term “man,” such as “manpower,” “man hours,” or “man-in-the-middle.” They are considered “not inclusive” and “thus sexist.”

The guide even considers the term “preferred pronouns” as “problematic,” because “preferred” suggests that “a person’s pronoun is optional.”

Phrases like “no can do” and “spirit animal” offend Native Americans, and “Using colors based as racist tropes — labelling [sic] ‘white’ as good, ‘black’ as bad, ‘red’ as attackers, or ‘yellow’ as excluded third parties — is offensive,” chides the guide.

The email intended to whip would-be vendors into line is a serious resource, offered on the university’s web site.


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