Va. school puts up book display called ‘Stuff Some Adults Don’t Want You to Read,’ then apologizes

Pat Herrity/ Twitter

Can there be any doubt left that many public school teachers and staffers are trying to insert themselves between parents and their children, particularly regarding sex and sexual activity?

It is chilling, especially since the interlopers seem to see their meddling in the sex lives of minors as morally justified and even “cool.”

Many parents do not see it that way, though, and now a northern Virginia school district has admitted to “poor judgment” for a library table display that openly encouraged students to read “stuff some adults don’t want you to read,” according to a story in Newsweek.

It is clear what adults the librarians at Langley High School were talking about, as the titles have already made news around the country. Langley is part of the Fairfax County school district near Washington, D.C.

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors member Pat Herrity tweeted a picture of the display, which displayed copies of controversial titles including the openly obscene Gender Queer, Roots of Racism, V for Vendetta, Brave Face and others. With the books was a clearly visible sign reading: “stuff some adults don’t want you to read.”

“Wrong on so many fronts,” Herrity said in a Feb. 15 tweet. He later tweeted that the school system had apologized for the sign and display, didn’t endorse the message and are reviewing policies and procedures.

The books in the offending display at the Fairfax high school included Maus, a comic book about the Holocaust pulled from an eighth grade English-language arts curriculum by the McMinn County, Tenn. Board of Education. Author Art Spiegelman has hinted that the motives might be anti-Semitic, though the removal was clearly stated to be over profanity and nudity.

Fairfax County Public Schools are already experiencing ongoing criticism and legal wrangling over their mask mandate.

Carrie Lukas, president of the Independent Women’s Forum, said on Twitter that the display showed the district “doubling down on their big FU to parents.”

“What books a library holds is debatable, but this is just ‘nah nah!’ childishness,” she said.


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