Iraqi woman on Jihad

MOSSAD ---[ Today at 13.30, when I went to school, a woman of my age, she are given two times back with his car, to be able to identify good me! [ And the Holy Spirit , in my heart, I said that is not no good ! ] Then, I went to refuel of methane, and instead of 15euro, I spent 12euro, only, because, I started working my plant extraction of hydrogen from water. so, I made or a 20 % .. on fuel economy the absorption of current is about 20 amps.
666 CIA 187AudioHostem - that is you want to kill me, now, after all the love, that there was among us? lol, and you want Vedicare against me, because I made ut you all satanists, to death by Bush and Rothschild 322 666? but, you did not have to trick them and say, " we can defeat all the men wolrdwide, too, and also: Unius REI, you did not have to bring them to eat, young children, on the altar of Satan, on by, do not be so touchy ! do you remember when, you said me, that your priest of Satan you would not ever put to death ? lol. but this is the truth, even the idiots know that, it is not smart to give trust to Satan, yes, is not to can trust of him, I am Unius REI!

Published on by Marty M.