ISIS throw man off building for being gay, crowd stones him to death

ISIS militants have reportedly thrown a blindfolded man off a building for being a homosexual. Unfortunately for the man, he survived the fall, so was then stoned to death by the waiting crowd at the foot of the building structure.

Images have surfaced of ISIS militants throwing the man off the seven story building in the town of Tal Abyad in Raqqa.

The unlucky man was apparently being punished for having a homosexual relationship. Looks like he survived the fall only to be stoned to death by the damn blood thirsty crowd waiting below.

Photos of the incident look to show a man around his 50s sitting on a white, plastic chair. He was surrounded by at least two masked militants dressed in army fatigues and black clothing.

It is believed that he was read a judgement before being thrown off the building. One photograph shows the man falling towards the ground head first.

At the foot of the building, another militant appears to check on the man’s condition. A crowd then formed around the man and they eventually stoned the man to death.

Published on by Marty M.