Virginia School sued by fired teacher over refusal to use student’s new pronouns

Teacher Peter Vlaming has filed a lawsuit saying he was wrongfully fired for refusing to use male pronouns for a transgender student.

Peter Vlaming, a popular Virginia French teacher (with help from Attorneys for the Alliance Defending Freedom), filed suit against the West Point School Board for firing him over declining the request made by a transgender student to use new pronouns.

In a statement, Alliance’s Legal Counsel, Caleb Dalton said, “Peter went out of his way to accommodate this student as he does all his students; his school fired him because he wouldn’t contradict his core beliefs.”

The statement further read, “In his French class, he always calls his students by the name they choose. He even used the student’s preferred masculine name and was willing to avoid using pronouns in the student’s presence.

He just didn’t want to be forced to use a pronoun that offends his conscience. That’s entirely reasonable, and it’s his constitutionally protected right. Tolerance, after all, is a two-way street.”

The Arizona-based nonprofit legal organization advocates for people’s right to live out their faith freely.

Vlaming is supported by many parents and students of West Point High School in Williamsburg, Va. It is estimated that 100 students staged a walkout in which some were seen carrying signs, proclaiming: “Men are men. Women are women.”


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