Warning: LGBTQ will Target Christians Over Biblical Conversion Therapy

Therapist David Pickup, a doctor of psychology, warned Christian leaders, “It’s going to happen in your universities, it’s going to happen in your schools, in your elementary schools, if you don’t conform to the new ‘sex education’ curriculum." (Boston Post photo)

The Christian Post – A psychotherapist warned a Christian conference [Feb. 22-23 at Fairview Baptist Church, Edmond, Oklahoma] opposed to queer ideology that if LGBT activists . . . ban secular counseling for people with unwanted same-sex attraction, they will next go after religious counselors.

. . . David Pickup, a licensed therapist who is a board member at the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) and a practitioner of sexual orientation change efforts therapy, spoke at the God’s Voice conference.

During his remarks, Pickup warned his audience that for the state legislators trying to ban Sexual Orientation Change Efforts therapy, “the next step is to come after you.”

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