WHO’s ‘Disturbing’ Sexuality Education Guidance for Toddlers”

WHO's 'disturbing' sexuality education guidance
World Health Organization © Awargula | Dreamstime.com

Brace yourselves because the World Health Organization – that’s right, the very same WHO that’s supposed to protect global health – is now peddling some truly disturbing guidance to our schools about ‘sexuality education’ for children.

This comprehensive WHO report is suggesting that toddlers, kids barely out of diapers, should ‘ask questions about sexuality’ and ‘explore gender identities.’

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The shocking revelations don’t stop there.

This official advice also endorses the idea of teaching these innocents, these children under four years old, about ‘enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation.’

The same report even advocates for toddlers to ‘gain an awareness of gender identity,’ claims the Daily Mail.

Now, you’d think that was enough, but it gets even more absurd.

This report, which by the way, is 68 pages long, asserts that children aged between four and six years should ‘talk about sexual matters’ and ‘consolidate their gender identity.’

The document, which carries the rather grandiose title, ‘Standards For Sexuality Education in Europe,’ has sparked outrage among campaign groups who are rightly terrified about the sexualization of very young children.

They’re calling for it to be banned, fearing its influence on official sex education policy.

This troubling report has even wormed its way into the Welsh education system, forming part of the background research for a new mandatory sexual education syllabus.

The Welsh Government has tried to distance itself, claiming it doesn’t ‘endorse’ the WHO guidance, but we’re not buying it.

Laura Anne Jones, a beacon of common sense and the Tory shadow minister for education in Wales, has called for the WHO to ‘rescind the advice immediately.’

She’s urging the Welsh government to back away from this ‘frankly disturbing’ WHO guidance.

The WHO, with a brazen disregard for the outcry, stands by its guidance, claiming that it’s based on ‘established psychological facts.’

They assert that children embark on sexual education from birth, that they learn about ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ and are engaging in sex education.

The UK Government, at least, isn’t buying into this madness. They’ve stated outright: ‘The Government does not recognize this WHO guidance and we don’t agree with its recommendations.’

We need more voices like that to stand up against the United Nations and this insidious ideological push.


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