Willard The Rat

Could it be that the 1971 horror movie “Willard” involving a RAT… is terrorizing all over again here in 2019…? 

Utah Republican Senator Willard Mitt Romney, 2012 failed presidential candidate who seemed to choose defeat rather than stand up to and call out the lying media or the LIES of Barrack Obama… 

… has in the tradition of fake Republican Lil Johnny McCain, again joined liberal democrats and their partisan media in blasting President Trump regarding the Democrat Ukraine Hoax.

(Mitt Romney Criticizes Trump’s Comments, NPR KUER, Utah, 10-7-19)

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Jerry Skirvin
Jerry Skirvin is a board member of Christian Action Network. He served as an assistant and political adviser to Dr. Falwell. In 1979 he was appointed regional coordinator of Dr. Falwell’s groundbreaking pro-family organization, the Moral Majority. Throughout his 40-year career he has worked with numerous traditional-values organizations and their leaders, including Col. Oliver North, the Rutherford Institute and Liberty Council. Jerry is also co-author of Martin Mawyer's book, "You Are Chosen!"


  1. Thank you for calling out MIT Romney as the lily livered politician that he is!! I hope he gets out of political life and goes to live under a rock. He is so two faced.


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