Wis. school district telling teachers not to reveal pupils’ gender identities to parents

Eau Claire Area School District/ Facebook

A school district in Wisconsin is doing its best to insert itself between students and their parents, helping students to “switch” genders by “revealing” the gender they want to be to teachers, who must then keep the information secret from parents.

Staff development training conducted by the Eau Claire School District included the bizarre plan to split up families and delight homosexual activists who, unable to produce children of their own, must spread their lifestyle through other means.

According to WQOW, staffers were reportedly told specifically that if a student were to tell a staff member about being gay or transgender, the staffer should keep the information secret from the child’s parents.

“Remember, parents, are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned,” one slide in the training presentation proclaimed.

So how did people at the school earn it?

Many teachers and prospective board members alike are uncomfortable with the directive. Nicole Everson, a candidate for the Eau Claire School Board, told WQOW: “They’re asking them to withhold that from the parents. They’re asking teachers to keep secrets.”

The guidelines show “blatant disregard for parental rights and responsibilities,” Everson said, in concert with fellow board candidates Corey Cronrath and Melissa Winter.

“They’re asking teachers not to communicate with parents about issues that pertain to their child,” Everson said. “I’m responsible for my child until they move out or they’re 18 years old. And so I have the sole decision-making of what goes on with my child.”

Tim Nordin, Eau Claire School Board president, rushed in to do damage control. The statement was taken out of context, he claimed and brought up statistics about the extremely high rates of mental health difficulties, suicide attempts, and depression among LGBTQ students.

Students who are LGBTQ sometimes confide in their teachers if they feel they are unable to “be themselves” with their families, he explained.


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