Witness Given of North Korean Butchery, Savagery Against Christians

Illyong Ju told the president that regardless of the situation, North Koreans are still worshiping. “Even through the persecution of Kim Jong Un, the North Korean citizens, they want the Gospel and they want to worship now,” Ju assured Trump. “They are worshiping in underground churches right now.” (Christian Post photo)

The Christian Post – North Korean defector Illyong Ju spoke on life as a Christian in North Korea, telling President Donald Trump and the State Department’s religious freedom ministerial about the execution of his cousin’s family for sharing the Gospel.

Ju was among nearly 30 survivors of religious persecution who met with the president at the White House recently. He also shared his story and those of other North Korean defectors with media at the Harry S. Truman building.

Ju was born in North Korea in 1996, the youngest of three children. Throughout his childhood, his parents listened to foreign radio broadcasts, an illegal act in the authoritarian country led by the controlling Kim regime.

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