Woman who stabbed NY store clerk who was defending himself from a violent thug won’t be charged

Woman stabs store clerk Jose Alba while he was defending himself from her boyfriend's violent attack

Manhattan’s victim-blaming, criminal-supporting district attorney, one of dozens whose path into office was paved with dollars from leftist financier George Soros, is siding with violent thugs once again.

A woman who started a brawl in a Manhattan convenience store, trying to pay with a nonworking EBT card and then summoning her violent ex-con boyfriend when the clerk wouldn’t complete the transaction, will not be charged for stabbing the worker in the arm during the resulting scuffle.

The belligerent boyfriend got the worst of the July 1 confrontation; the clerk, a Dominican native named Jose Alba, managed to stab him five times with a sharp object that was at hand. Austin Simon died of his injuries after coming behind the store counter to attack Alba.

The 32-year-old woman, who has not been named, stabbed Alba three times during the fight with a knife from her purse. Video footage shows the whole incident clearly, but prosecutors say she was defending her boyfriend and will not be charged, prosecutorial insiders say.

A police source told the New York Post: “The DA’s office looked at the tape, and they felt she was defending her boyfriend. They didn’t feel charges were necessary.”

Alba was set to Riker’s Island prison on a $250,000 bond, with New York County D.A. Alvin Bragg requesting twice that amount, but the bond was subsequently lowered to $50,000 and Alba was able to return home.

Bragg has been accused in recent weeks of having a soft spot for violent criminals. Other prosecutors around the nation elected with huge donations from Hungarian-born hedge-fund manager Soros are attracting the same kind of attention.

Bragg’s move, in this case, has incensed New Yorkers and business owners. Francisco Marte of the Bodega and Small Business Association Group said: “I don’t understand why the [district attorney] hasn’t charged her. She participated in that. She’s supposed to be in jail and the $250,000 bail [Alba once faced] should be on her, not on him. He was just defending himself.”


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