YouTube shuts down Posie Parker video for stating trans men are … men

YouTube has banned an interview with Posie Parker for saying trans women are men.

An interview with feminist Posie Parker was taken down by YouTube in which Parker states that it’s “bloody offensive” for trans men to expect her to change her thinking, regard them as actual women and call them by female pronouns.

The Google-affiliated web service said it took down the video because it constitutes ‘hate speech’, which could incite “hatred and/or violence against protected groups.”

The video has since been restored on YouTube (strong language warning), possibly a result of backlash to the service’s attempt at censorship.

In an interview on the Triggernometry podcast, Parker restated her apparently controversial view that men who transition to female are still men.

The video was available for 24 hours and was watched by around 35,000 people until YouTube took it down. The tech giant also gave the Triggernometry channel a stern warning. After three more warnings, a channel can be permanently deleted.

Konstantin Kisin, cohost of Triggernometry, told spiked: “We did what any mainstream broadcaster would do… We invited Posie on, discussed her views and pushed back against them. Open debate like this is what brings us closer to the truth.”

Parker is one of many women who have been censored by a cadre of tech companies and trans activists for speaking out about women’s rights, including Meghan Murphy and Lindsay Shepherd. Parker was also banned permanently from Facebook last week.

Parker and other feminists are in fact merely arguing for the truth as the vast majority of people understand it: People who are born male cannot become female by declaring themselves to be female.


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