YouTube slaps adults-only rating on CAN’s Black Lives Matter docuseries

YouTube places age restrictions on the entire Black Lives Matter documentary series, without explanation.

Martin Mawyer, President, Christian Action Network

Yesterday, I received two emails from YouTube, the Google-owned Internet video giant.

The first message informed me that Part 3 of our docuseries Black Lives Matter: The REAL Inconvenient Truth is now age-restricted and assigned to adult-only status.

The second told me the same, only regarding Part 1 of the same series. No word yet on Parts 2 or 4.

I could cross my fingers, hoping Parts 2 and 4 will escape their “woke” and puritanical eyes.

… Or I could write this column.

What’s really curious about YouTube’s age restriction on our video series is that the parts are already “unlisted,” meaning no one can even see them unless I send out a special invitation.  The series can be found elsewhere, on other platforms, and I had a hunch YouTube would likely ban them for political reasons, so why go to the trouble of making them public?

Truthfully, I posted the videos on YouTube only so I could send them out for professional review, by special invitation only. I wanted critical feedback before printing the series onto DVDs, which could then be distributed nationally by mail (which even the gods of YouTube or Google can’t stop, yet).

Prior to the YouTube adults-only decree, neither video had more than 25 views. We weren’t promoting it or trying to get more views. Other than the 20-plus people we sent it to for their opinions, no one even knew it was on the YouTube platform.

Heck, we restricted the series more than the YouTube censors!

What’s really interesting, though, is their reasoning for labeling our docuseries inappropriate for youngsters: None. That’s right. They couldn’t point to a single image, comment or sequence that was inappropriate for under-18 viewers.

YouTube’s official explanation was: “We age-restrict content when we don’t think it’s suitable for younger audiences.”

Wow. So helpful. So detailed. So straightforward. So justified. Surely I am now educated enough never to make that mistake again.

Sarcasm aside, I really do not have any idea what inappropriate content appears in our documentary.

YouTube didn’t say our video was “derogatory” or “dangerous.” It didn’t cite any policy violation that it “incites hatred” or “promotes discrimination.” Neither did they say the video has “content that harasses, intimidates or bullies an individual or group of individuals,” which is typical language for their policy violations.

They just “think” it is inappropriate for the younger audience.

This is sort of like a parent saying, “I think you’re a bad boy; go stand in the corner.”

Well, what did I do that was specifically bad? Can you name it? Or did I just make you uncomfortable? That might say more about what you’re up to than what I am.

Then there is this: Does YouTube even know what kind of material kids are being exposed to in the public schools?

Many students are taught to study the violent Black Panther Party movement. They are being coached into praising Assata Shakur, who murdered a New Jersey state trooper in 1973, then escaped from prison in 1979. (And still on the run) They are taught to have an accepting attitude about “black rage and riotous forms of protest” (in a New York syllabus).

Yet somehow our docuseries is too “adult” for them, without providing a single example, citation or clip to justify the censorship.

Even if it was too explicit for younger viewers (which it is not), we already had the video series “unlisted,” making it unavailable not only to minors but pretty much everyone.

I know. YouTube can say that through some possible glitch, kids could accidentally stumble upon the series. But do they really think flimsy age restrictions controls are going to stop determined kids from watching videos?  All a child has to do is click “sign in” and that’s it. They’re watching.

Maybe YouTube simply set out to annoy us. To say they are watching us. To say they can harass us anytime they please.

Or maybe, just maybe, they’re afraid videos like ours could go viral – especially among young people eager to spread the word that they’re being lied to by their teachers about “black rage” and the phony, divisive, race-baiting scam that Black Lives Matter really is.

After letting this article sit overnight, I woke up this morning to learn that YouTube has now age-restricted Parts 2 and 4 of our Black Lives Matter: The REAL Inconvenient Truth series.

Of course, they didn’t stop there. They also age-restricted the trailer for our film Europe’s Last Stand (57,124 views), which documents the rise of Islam in Europe. They also age-restricted the trailer for our documentary film, Sleeping Giant: Islam Behind Bars. (18,864 views)

Is YouTube’s ultimate goal to make our channel look like a porno site? That would be rather weird of them.

It looks more like they’re just trying – a little desperately, it must be said – to prevent the spread of a massive “inconvenient truth” that they have no other way of fighting.


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