YouTube suspends Dan Bongino for claiming masks have been ineffective in stopping Covid spread

Dan Bongino Show/ Facebook

Renowned medical-information authority YouTube has suspended the account of conservative commentator Dan Bongino after he suggested that masks are useless in preventing the spread of COVID, which continues to spread to mask-users and vaccine recipients.

Bongino was banned on Jan. 14 from uploading anything to his channel for a week, according to reports, reports. He has roughly 871,000 subscribers.

The suspension followed a video Bongino had posted recently in which he called masks “useless” for stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

It’s the first of three possible strikes before he is banned from the service entirely. He was also struck from YouTube’s Partner Program, which allows users to monetize content through advertising, for “repeatedly violating” guidelines on coronavirus misinformation.

YouTube is apparently an authority on epidemiological medicine, for it implemented the guidelines in 2020 to prohibit “content about COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of egregious harm,” in its credentialed and expert opinion.

YouTube covers its claim by saying it doesn’t permit videos with medical information that contradicts local health authorities, such as the World Health Organization.

If Bongino’s channel breaks the policy for second time within a 90-day period, a two-week suspension would be applied. A third violation in the same time frame could mean his channel is permanently banned and deleted.

The Fox News host shared a screenshot of an email between himself and a YouTube representative named “Coco” in which he called the Google-owned website a “tyrannical, free speech-hating, bullshit, big tech s***hole.”


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