Monday, January 30, 2023



Nearly 40% of Americans say the world is coming to an end – Video Podcast

Pew Research Survey says 47% percent of Christians and 67% of blacks think the end of the world is near. Here's a short three-minute...

Elon Musk and others face assassination threats to keep them silent – Video Podcast

From Elon Musk, to pro-life groups, to a Christian organization that simply wants to have dinner, conservatives are being gagged, censored and threatened into...

Criminal defense attorney, Dyke Huish, sheds light on defending J6 detainees – Video Podcast

Seasoned California criminal defense attorney, Dyke Huish, shares his legal experience on defending J6 detainees and his thoughts on allegations the FBI and DOJ...

Elected official wants people arrested and imprisoned for ‘misgendering’ – Video Podcast

In this Shout Out Patriots podcast: Elected official wants people arrested and imprisoned for 'misgendring'; elementary school approves after-school Satean Club; Canada approves assisted...



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