12-year-old boy accused of ‘assault’ for hugging gym teacher

Julie Orozco says her foster son just hugged a teacher and got a suspension for it

Daily Mail. A middle school student was suspended and given an assault record for hugging a teacher during gym class. 

The 12-year-old boy was initially suspended 10 days for the embrace last month at Forest Grove Middle School in Worcester, Mass. 

Julie Orozco, the boy’s foster mother, told NBC10 in Boston, the child was playing with his friends when the teacher told him to sit out of a game.  At that point the boy approached the teacher and gave a hug asking not to be dropped from the game.

After the boy sat on the sidelines for few minutes he was permitted to join the activity. 

The teacher resisted the hug and class resumed with no distractions. However, Orozco said it was when the boy went to his next class, he was called to the main office and told he would be punished, the Telegram reported. 

‘I don’t expect the teacher to have to be OK with being touched or being hugged, but I do expect as an educator that she educate what the boundaries are in her classroom,’ Orozco told NBC10

In a meeting with Superintendent Maureen Binienda and other district officials on Orozco said, she was specifically told the hug was too ‘tight, forceful and aggressive,’ and, as the Telegram reported, a 12-year-old should have known it was inappropriate. 

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