42 GOP House members demand that Pelosi remove ‘militarized Capitol fencing’

U.S Capital Fencing.

An election might have been stolen and a fake government installed in Washington D.C., but what Republicans appear to be upset about is the new fence around the U.S. Capitol.

This looks bad to the rest of the world, they say. Never mind the fakery of the election itself and the “impeachment” of a president no longer even in the White House.

The U.S. Capitol does in fact look like something in Pyongyang, North Korea or the East Berlin of the 1970s, prompting 42 House Republicans to send a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding the removal of “the militarized Capitol fencing” that authorities installed in the wake of a “horrific” riot on Jan. 6, which was in fact a last-ditch protest of horrific election theft being conducted inside. FOX News reported the story.

“It’s time to open the People’s House,” said North Carolina Rep. Ted Budd, who coordinated the letter.

Crews erected the fencing to boost security after the demonstration and break-in at the Capitol, which left five people dead, including an unarmed female Donald Trump supporter shot by police in a Capitol hallway.


“The U.S. Capitol is a symbol of freedom both at home and abroad,” Budd wrote in the letter. “It is a place where Americans from all walks of life can visit, learn about, and witness U.S. history. Sadly, because of the fortress-like security in place, this is no longer the case.”


The fencing made sense on a temporary scale, the Republican letter argues. Keeping it up for too long looks wrong, they said. Even Washington’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser has rejected the idea of permanent fencing, saying, “We will not accept extra troops or permanent fencing as a long-term fixture in D.C.”


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