6-year-old runs a marathon. Child Protective Services investigate parents for abuse

Kami and Ben Crawford family/ Instagram

The same, busybody kinds of forces that want to train young schoolchildren into homosexuality are more than willing to step in and meddle at the first sign of what they see as bad parenting.

When a 6-year-old Kentucky boy competed in a Cincinnati marathon, his parents said recently, the family got a visit from Child Protective Services. The Daily Wire ran the story.

“On Friday, social workers came to our house and interviewed our children because leaders in the running community are calling running with children wrong,” the family’s post on Instagram reads, with a picture of son Rainier Crawford at a table outside the family’s home, apparently speaking with a CPS worker.

Kami and Ben Crawford let Rainier run with the entire family in the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati on May 1. The boy “adamantly decided that he wanted to run a marathon,” his parents said. But an Olympic long-distance runner, Kara Goucher, decided to step in, perhaps feeling a little diminished by a six-year-old standing out in “her” sport? Goucher chastised the parents for allowing Rainier to run in the 26.2 mile race.

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but a six year old cannot fathom what a marathon will do to them physically,” Goucher wrote on May 4. “A six year old does not understand what embracing misery is. A six year who is ‘struggling physically’ does not realize they have the right to stop and should.”

“This needs to stop,” Kami and Ben Crawford wrote in their Instagram post. “Our children are having emotional breakdowns, NOT from running, but from a mob that has been weaponized by [running’s] most accomplished and celebrated individuals. They are stating that children running is abusive and not providing any data or facts. The reports and stance are false. Hundreds of witnesses including police officers and hours of video footage corroborate. When will you apologize and retract?”

In another post, the family put up a picture of Ben Crawford, Kami Crawford, and their six children crossing the finish line together.

“This is the first marathon our entire family has run together,” it said. “Our 5 older kids waited for over an hour at mile 25 and after 8 hours and 35 minutes we all crossed the finish line together. After 2 days celebrating with friends, how we spent our day has got a lot of attention from some who are accusing us of being irresponsible and even abusive.”


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