A medical doctor tells us the truth about Covid treatment and prevention methods

Shout Out Patriots Episode 111: Pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Patty Powers expresses her warnings and views about Covid treatment and prevention methods.

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By Alec Rooney, news editor, Christian Action Network

COVID treatment options appear to be driven primarily by money, says an independent Lynchburg, Va. physician who also said she regularly prescribes common and proven-effective treatments being downplayed and denigrated by the media and national officials alike.

Both hydroxychloroquine, a malaria preventative derived from quinine, and Ivermectin, a “miracle drug” used successfully to treat and prevent parasitic infections around the world, are readily available and can be obtained from compounding pharmacies, said Patty Powers, a pediatric endocrinologist with more than three decades of experience.  

The Dec. 28 edition of the Shout Out Patriots podcast featured Powers in a roundtable discussion with Martin Mawyer, Pastor Jason Binder, attorney David Carroll, CAN News Editor Alec Rooney and producer Michael Mawyer.

Powers said she is active in various medical freedom groups that are standing up against mandatory COVID vaccinations, and these are listed on her website.

“There’s been a lot of isolation this season, trying to divide us and keep us from talking to each other and communicating and sharing ideas. So we wanted to bring people together in a physical location where everybody could be together in the same room and can share ideas and learn from each other.”

“There are a number of doctors around the country and around the world who do think like I do,” Powers said. “Thank God, because it’s a lonely position, especially locally, to be in.”

Hydroxychloroquine – famously used by President Donald Trump to beat his own case of COVID – and Ivermectin have both been targets of intense negative media campaigns as national and government-aligned medical groups push repeated vaccines and vaccine boosters as the only viable treatment for the China-originated disease. Interestingly, the Food and Drug Administration strongly discourages the use of both drugs.

Both drugs are also cheap and off-patent, Powers said, which means they do not generate the profits for drug manufacturers that vaccines do.

Instead, the Big Pharma world and their flip-flopping spokesman, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, have been pushing the expensive and controversial new drug Remdesivir, excoriated by author Robert Kennedy Jr. in his book The Real Anthony Fauci.

“I think Remdesivir is a terrible drug,” Powers concurred. “There’s a lot of people that develop kidney failure and multi-system organ failure while they are on it. It’s used only in the hospital, so it’s intravenous. It’s not available to me as an M.D. but it seems to be one of the go-to drugs for the hospitals when you get admitted for COVID.”

Powers went on to tell Shout Out Patriots that the vaccine doses currently being injected around the world are “really more experimental, genetic therapies; they’re not truly vaccines in the way we understand vaccines. … the experimental injections were approved under emergency use authorization, because for COVID, there was no other treatment available.”

Yet still, Powers said, physicians are siding with Big Pharma, big medical groups and big health systems. Once again, she posited, while some of the reluctance to prescribe proven, off-patent drugs is due to “lack of knowledge or lack of education, or lack of willingness to do the research and learn,” a large part of the reason is financial.

“Big medical groups are now controlled by insurances or Hospital medical groups. And there’s actually a benefit to prescribing shots, the injections. There’s actually a benefit financially to the hospital for prescribing Remdesivir and for a diagnosis of COVID. And so some groups – whether some groups are employers, or are hospitals – have come out and said, no, you will not use Ivermectin in this place. You risk losing your license if you prescribe it. And so a lot of people feel their hands are tied. They have mortgages, they have kids in school, they have school loans, and they don’t want to rock the boat, because they figure, if they do, they could lose their license. They could get fired.”

Also discussed on the Shout Out Patriots program were the health effects of mask-wearing, organic food, vitamin D levels in COVID patients, the mental health effects that COVID and its reckless responses have been having, especially on young people, and the course of alternative COVID treatments – alternative to vaccines, that is – that Powers is seeing used to good effect.

Listen to and watch the entire discussion on Shout Out Patriots.

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