About The Christian Action Network

Hi! I’m Martin Mawyer.

I’m the president and founder of Christian Action Network.  Thanks for checking us out!

I founded CAN in 1990 as a pro-family, pro-religious freedom and pro-traditional values organization after spending many years as the editor of Dr. Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority Report.

I began my career in 1979 as a journalist in Washington D.C. covering religious and social issues for a daily news service called Religion Today and as a news correspondent for Moody Monthly magazine.

Investigative journalism was always my specialty, and quite frankly, the passion of my life.

Even though I would eventually become a social conservative activist by 1990, when I founded CAN, the love of news writing and investigative reporting has never left my heart.

The radical left has survived by tainting our trusted channels of communication, putting out lies, obscuring truths and keeping the American people ignorant of many critical issues that affect their religious freedom, liberties and values.

This website (this is, after all, an “About” page) has several objectives:

  1. I want to make sure our friends and supporters are kept up-to-date with the latest programs, activities, objectives and successes of Christian Action Network. And yes, we even give attention to our unfortunate setbacks and failings.
  2. I want socially conservative Americans to be informed on the top issues of the day. We don’t have the resources to be a comprehensive news outlet, but we do scour major news sources nearly every day for what’s truly important, what people are talking about. You’ll find these timely articles in our “Top Stories” or “Top Pick” sections.
  3. I also want our website to be a platform for ideas, opinions and debate. Look for those features in the “Our Say” section.
  4. Finally, I want this site to publish short but important documentaries that will help expose the lies of the left, their attacks on Christians and conservatives and their secret and often dangerous political (and even religious) agendas.

Our funding comes from private individuals scattered throughout the nation, who typically gift us between $15 and $20. 

It’s not a lot of money (and never enough to do all that we want to do), but through some very careful spending we’ve been able to produce full-length documentary films, shorter documentaries, books, newsletters and special reports. We have even engaged in proactive lawsuits in defense of religious liberty.

I encourage you to visit our website daily to get updates on our activities and to read breaking news that could directly affect you and your family. Make it your start page for the day’s conservative news!

If you can, please help us with a small donation every now and then.  Yes, it’s tax-deductible. You can also browse our store for a variety of informational products and resources.  Proceeds from the store help us stay engaged and fuel our fight to keep America a Judeo-Christian nation.

Please feel free to use our “Comment” form to send your thoughts and feedback.  I read each and every message!

God bless!


P.S.  Are you ready to triumph over God’s enemies?

I released a book in fall of 2019 titled You are Chosen! Prepare to Triumph in A Fallen World. 

Details of the book can be found here.

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I want you to become a warrior for Christ and put on the full armor of God. Let this book be your guide and instruction manual.