Ad Outs SPLC Bigotry, Challenges Media to Take Note

The Family Research Council, added to the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Hate List" as was the Christian Action Network, placed an advertisement taunting or else challenging major media to take notice of the SPLC hypocrisy and lies. (FRC ad photo)

The Daily Caller – The Family Research Council posted an ad in The Wall Street Journal Wednesday pressing Amazon and Google to cut ties with the Southern Poverty Law Center after reports surfaced suggesting that the Alabama-based civil rights group scams liberal donors out of money.

“The bigotry and racial discrimination described by its former employees is evidence of SPLC’s hypocrisy,” the ad states. “The SPLC has become a hate-for-cash machine that has weaponized its hate labeling of groups and individual people.”

The Family Research Council’s ad comes after Twitter decided to distance itself from the SPLC, which labeled the FRC a hate group in 2010.

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