Adam Ford Pro-Life Message Reinstated After Censorship

In the first panel of Adam Ford's pro-life strip, he postulates a possible conversation 200 years ago about disturbing aspects of chattel slavery. (Adam Ford illustration)

A crisis of conscience appears to have changed some minds at Instagram after the platform censored a cartoon message by Adam Ford.

“It appears my post has been reinstated,” Ford said. “I have heard nothing from Instagram, but the comic is back on my account.”

Ford’s five-panel strip triggered Instagram censors hip with it when it comes to banning any messaging that could suggest abortion is murder.

In the second panel of Adam Ford’s pro-life strip, he deepens the conversation 200 years ago about disturbing aspects of chattel slavery. (Adam Ford illustration)

“I am hardly the first person to espouse the belief (and hope) that one day society will look back on abortion with the same mortified disbelief we now have when we consider our country’s history of institutionalized chattel slavery,” Ford said.

“Millions and millions of pro-life Americans — of all races — see the heartbreaking similarities between abortion-on-demand and the forced enslavement of human beings.”

In the third, chattel slavery is argued as a legal right to choose. (Adam Ford illustration)

Ford noted a what-if: if he used a similar tactic for the pro-abortion side, if Instagram would have censored his strip, the same panels on slavery just applied to arguing abortion as essential to women’s equality.

“Which the left does argue,” Ford said. “I think we all know the answer to that.”

In panel four, the uncomfortable comparisons to the po-life struggle of today become crystal clear. (Adam Ford Illustration)

Panel five: the destruction of millions of innocent lives is in view. (Adam Ford illustration)

For the sake of ensuring the capture of the strip apart from possible future left-wing censorship, the Christian Action Network offers the full collection of illustrated panels including it’s vital application to today:

(Adam Ford illustration)


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