After being blasted for promoting atheism worldwide, State Department will now promote LGBT ‘social acceptance’

Joe Biden/ Facebook

As the United States stumbles under the burdens of sudden steep inflation, rocketing fuel prices, COVID-induced supply problems and an ongoing crisis at its southern border – all problems more or less induced by its own government – where is that government directing its attention?

Toward “social acceptance” of gay and transgender lifestyles in the African country of Botswana.

As of late June Botswana had no reported cases of monkeypox, an infection spread by gay sex that originated elsewhere in Africa. The disease was recently elevated into crisis status by the World Health Organization, which actually suggested that gay sex should be discouraged as a result.

Yet only weeks after it came to light that the State Department has awarded grants of U.S. taxpayer money to “promote atheism” in African and Asian countries, the Biden administration is spending up to $300,000 more in tax money to push LGBTQ+ overseas, according to a federal grant listing reported on by the Daily Caller.

The woke Department of State will fork over the money to one U.S. organization or academic institution to “bolster LGBTQI+ community initiatives” and “build support networks and organizations” in Botswana. Representatives will spend up to 18 months in that country, and will work to promote gay and transgender acceptance among the “influential religious groups and traditional groups” that tend to stand in the way of harmful, disease-inducing social behavior.

Botswana decriminalized same-sex relationships in 2019 and upheld the law in 2021.The group that gets the State Department payout will “inform” the country’s citizens about the “landmark” decision, according to the grant information.

“LGBTQI+,” the latest version of the ever-growing acronym used in the State Department document, is not defined. Joe Biden issued an executive order in February directing all federal agencies “engaged abroad to ensure that United States diplomacy and foreign assistance promote and protect the human rights of LGBTQI+ persons.”

In a 2011 executive order, Former President Barack Obama likewise directed agencies working abroad to protect “LGBT” rights in other countries.

The grant, applications for which are due by Aug. 21, also aims to support an entity that advances a “national identity registration policy” and aims to warm up relations between law enforcement and homosexual and transgender Botswanans.


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