After Bibi: Eight Christians on Death Row for Blasphemy in Pakistan

The release to the west of Asia Bibi after being charged with blasphemy in Pakistan leaves at least eight others still in prison on similar laws, and caused protests calling for the beheading of anyone who insults Islam. (Breitbart photo)

Barnabas Fund – At least eight Christians remain on death row in Pakistan after being convicted under the Islamic law of “blasphemy”.

No Christians have been executed for “blasphemy”, but many of them have been languishing in prison for years, according to statistics provided by CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement), which is supported by Barnabas Fund.

Christian mother-of-five Aasia Bibi was released after spending eight years on death row when the Supreme Court acquitted her on 31 October 2018. It remains uncertain if her release was a “landmark ruling” that will improve the plight of Pakistan’s Christian minority – around 2% of the population, or about 4 million.

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