Alabama tells truck owner to surrender ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ license plate

Nathan Kirk of Blount County Tag/ Facebook

So what do the letters LGB stand for?

Lesbian Gay Bisexual, right?

A bureaucrat at the Alabama Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division apparently didn’t think so. That person thought they stood for “Let’s Go Brandon,” the hyper-viral put-down of struggling presidential usurper Joe Biden. That’s the chant an NBC reporterette said was coming from a NASCAR crowd in 2021 who were in fact chanting “F___ Joe Biden” while she tried to interview driver Brandon Brown.

Now an Alabama man has been told to surrender his vanity license plate, which he set up to read “LGBF JB,” which incorporates both uncomplimentary phrases, or face possible revocation of his vehicle registration, according to the Trussville Tribune.

The yellow license plate also features the “Don’t Tread on Me” Gadsden flag and is colored yellow.

Alabama’s motor vehicle department says Nathan Kirk’s personalized plate has “objectionable language” which Alabama considers “offensive to the peace and dignity of the State of Alabama,” adding “registration for this personalized license plate message will not be issued/renewed.”

Kirk was given 10 days by the Motor Vehicle Division to turn in his license plate or his vehicle registration would be revoked. He could also reportedly face fines up to $1,000 if he doesn’t comply.

But at least he has gotten his message across.

“It’s been on the road for a month, and it was approved a long time ago; it was approved immediately when I bought it,” Kirk said. “They didn’t have any issue, taking the six or seven hundred dollars it cost from me.”

Kirk told that he’s been getting a lot of support from others in his area who wish for him to fight the state, legally, over the personalized plate recall.


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