American Medical Association goes ‘woke,’ pushes for CRT, communism and language reform

American Medical Association

The left continues to play its cards in its accelerating bid to assert control over the United States, and most of them are race cards.

The latest rotten and hollowed-out institution to be turned over is the American Medical Association, which just put out a guide on “Advancing Health Equity” that promotes how to fight for critical race theory – the push to discredit American ideals and systems because they were designed by whites to benefit whites – and espouses out-and-out communism.

True to progressive form, the guide attempts to grab control of the English language by including a list of forbidden words and their “equity-focused alternatives,” denouncing concepts like “meritocracy,” “individualism” and the “‘free’ market,” reports FOX News.

Released on Oct. 28, The 55-page guide references another guide by the organization Race Forward on how to promote critical race theory. It contends that doctors cannot eliminate “health inequities” by “focus[ing] only on individuals, their behavior or their biology.”

It says they instead must focus on language and collective political circumstances of certain groups. That is, mind control, collectivism and the forces that divide human beings.

“Collectively, we have an opportunity and obligation to overcome these fissures and create spaces for understanding and healing,” says the preface of the guide, openly announcing its goal of exploiting racial and economic differences to downgrade individual liberty.

“This document, published by the largest medical association in the country, is a brazen attempt to politicize the medical field and subject health care workers to far-Left speech police,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director for the conservative Heritage Action, which has vocally opposed CRT.

“While the Left continues to falsely claim that CRT isn’t real, Americans are noticing what’s happening, and they’re fighting back. From the waiting room to the classroom, families are standing up to reject this racist ideology.”

AMA President Gerald Harmon explained the reasoning behind the guide in a blog post when it was released:

“The dominant narratives in American medicine and society reflect the values and interests of the historically more privileged socioeconomic groups — white, heterosexual, able-bodied, cisgendered, male, wealthy, English-speaking, Christian, U.S.-born. These narratives have been deeply rooted in value systems and ingrained in cultural practices that have given preference to the interests of society’s most powerful social groups. But they can also be wielded as a weapon to oppress others.”


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