America’s Public School Hiring Crisis: Ideological Bias Over Credentials!

The National Opportunity Project has unveiled a shift in public school teacher recruitment where ideological alignment appears to trump instructional qualifications.

This month our children are heading back to schools, and of course, some would have you believe that the only obstacle they face is the repercussions of COVID-era school closures.

Could it be that simple? Of course not.

It seems that we now have hard evidence to suggest that the depressing declines in test scores and reading abilities can’t just be pinned on the pandemic.

No, it’s the brainchild of a more insidious design.

The National Opportunity Project, a reputable nonprofit organization, recently unveiled unsavory details about how our schools hire teachers. And it’s not for their aptitude in teaching.

The National Opportunity Project’s investigation found that candidates for teaching positions must “demonstrate a commitment to social justice, equity, excellence and high expectations for all students.”

Let’s break this down:

American school districts, whether in conservative red or liberal blue states, are now reportedly incorporating teachers’ social and political orientations into their hiring processes. Imagine that.

Your child’s teacher might have been selected, not because they’re skilled at teaching, but because their political beliefs align with a certain agenda.

It’s a brave new world, isn’t it?

The report by the National Opportunity Project provides a comprehensive look at the DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) hiring process in K-12 education, unearthing a systematic pattern of ideological gatekeeping in public school teacher hiring.

That means the very people teaching your children could be there because they passed a political loyalty test.

The language they use to seek out candidates is often politically charged and aims to recruit those willing to take up their ideological crusades. It’s as if they’re saying, “You’re either with us or against us.”

Perhaps more alarmingly, these school districts are skewing the very idea of the American “melting pot” by insisting that faculty directly “mirror” the student body.

It’s an absurdity! Since when did race, gender, or sexual orientation determine one’s capacity to teach algebra or Shakespeare?

In Denver, art teacher candidates are expected to actively “dismantle systems of oppression and inequity.”

In Decatur, Georgia, there’s an insistence on racial and gender quotas on hiring teams. Just when did these become prerequisites for teaching kids?

The rationale? It’s simple:

“Personnel is policy.” And it’s painfully clear that there’s a systematic effort to reshape our public schools by hiring staff who toe the line of these radical ideologies. And, to be clear, these aren’t just empty words. This affects who is teaching your children.

One can’t help but wonder why, at a time when American students are grappling with unprecedented academic challenges, our schools are prioritizing ideology over actual teaching prowess. This is not the America we remember, and our children deserve better.

In Fairfax County, Virginia, for instance, the emphasis is so skewed that they’re embroiled in a lawsuit over racially-biased admissions. Loudoun County, just next door, also carries its share of controversy, with educators and students caught up in a whirlwind of discrimination lawsuits.

Even in Evanston, Illinois, political agendas have eclipsed educational goals. The cherry on top? Racially segregated calculus classes. Yes, in 2023.

The undeniable truth is that our children need the best educators we can offer. They don’t need ideologues who cleared some ideological hurdle.

It’s a travesty that, as our students grapple with the setbacks from COVID-era disruptions, we’re letting the politics of the day dictate their futures. Education should never be a battleground for political agendas. Period.


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