Another Virginia county rejects the state’s transgender bathroom policy

Hanover County School Board meeting/ Facebook

On Nov. 9 the Hanover County, Va. School Board voted 4-3 to join at least 11 other Virginia counties in striking down state-proposed policies for transgender students, effectively barring them from using restrooms of the gender they wish they were, reports ABC 6 News in Richmond.

Under the control of Democrats in 2020, the Virginia House of Delegates passed the “Model Policies for the Treatment of Transgender Students in Virginia’s Public Schools,” covering the bathroom/locker room issue and other matters related to preferred pronouns, calling students by names they prefer, sports participation and dress.

In March of 2021 Christian Action Network (CAN) and Founding Freedoms Law Center (FFLC) filed a Notice of Appeal in opposition to the policies.

In July of 2021 a Virginia circuit judge ruled that CAN and FFLC “lacked standing” in their suit, but went on to determine that the policies were merely “guidelines” with no force of law, thus achieving CAN’s and FFLC’s ultimate objective.

Dozens packed the Hanover School Board meeting for the vote, and a line formed outside ahead of the school board’s action.

Hanover mom Lauren Mast said: “I am very passionate about my daughter because I’m a victim of sexual assault in a bathroom and I am uncomfortable with her having to use the bathroom with a male or a trans.”

“I would feel very uncomfortable if transgender people, specifically boys, were allowed in the girls’ locker room or bathroom,” concurred a sixth-grader courageous enough to speak at the meeting.

Although they struck down the bathroom policy, school board members did approve policy revisions pertaining to student records, requiring staff to use the name and gender “choices” students prefer, upon request from the student and a parent.

Other Virginia school districts that have rejected some or all of the policies include:

  • Bedford County
  • Russell County
  • Warren County
  • Franklin County
  • Augusta County
  • Pittsylvania County
  • Botetourt County
  • Wise County
  • Floyd County
  • Norton County
  • Smyth County



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