Antifa far-left riots in Germany injure 13 police

Police in Leipzig, Germany arrested six Antifa far-left extremists following a riot which led to thirteen officers being injured by leftist attacks. STRINGER/AFP via Getty Images

Antifa is making its presence known in Europe, with six of its far-left extremists arrested after a riot which left 13 police officers injured in Leipzig, Germany.

The suspects were soon released, but a police spokeswoman said an investigation will be launched into the four men and two women, ages 18 to 39, according to Bild.

The Saturday-night riot followed a demonstration by leftists against the 2017 sanctioning of the radical website Linksunten, banned by the German government after Antifa violence at the Hamburg G20 that year that injured hundreds of police.

According to Bild the officers on Saturday were attacked by Antifa thugs wearing masks and armed with rocks and fireworks. Three were treated for minor injuries.

Linksunten was previously used by Antifa and other anarchists to take credit for attacks along with offering information like instructions on how to build firebombs and perform sabotage.

Indymedia, the platform which hosted Linksunten, remains online and many Antifa members continue to make posts claiming responsibility for attacks, including the brutal attack on populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) MP Frank Magnitz last year in Bremen.

Several journalists said they were threatened by Antifa extremists during the demonstration. Antifa has threatened journalists in the past, including mainstream journalists in Canada.


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