Antifa member, David Campbell, pleas guilty to assault against 56 year old man

A protester being arrested by officers after assaulting an attendee at an event headlined by Mike Cernovich.Christopher Sadowski

David Campbell, a far-left Antifa member, pled guilty to two charges, as per court records, which includes second-degree assault on a police officer with the intent to cause physical injury and second-degree attempted gang assault.

These charges relate to Campbell’s brutal assault of a defenseless 56-year old man, who was a peaceful attendee of “A Night For Freedom,” an event held in New York in January 2017 by journalist, author and documentary filmmaker Mike Cernovich.

The event happened to be protested by Antifa and other extremist left-wingers. Many of them, including Campbell, picked numerous fights with the event attendees as they left the venue.

The attendee assaulted by Campbell, as reported by Breitbart News, had to be taken to the hospital. There were also two others who were reportedly hurt in the fight.

Acts of violence are on the rise led by Antifa and other left-wing extremists. Recently, four protestors were arrested in Canada for engaging in violence outside a college hosting a peaceful political event.

Recently in France, two far-left extremists were fined for setting fire to a train last year in November. They were fined a total sum of 180,000 euros.

Campbell faces a likely prison sentence.


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